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Information for Prospective Students

Join us at the Gophna Lab

The work in our lab revolves around two main themes: the impact of horizontal gene transfer and CRISPR-Cas systems on microbial evolution and the contribution of human and animal microbiomes to health and disease. We are studying questions within these realms using genomics, bioinformatics, and classical genetics.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our lab, you should:

1.    Read some of the work that we have published in recent years.

2.    Send me an email if you decide that our interests coincide well, which should include the following:
  •    a detailed statement of why you want to attend graduate school and why my lab is a good fit for you
  •    any publications you have produced in PDF format, or a link to them if they are open access
  •    the names and institutions of the people you will ask for letters of recommendation 
  •    your grade transcripts 
  •    a list of the courses that have mattered the most to you in biology (and other fields if relevant),
  •    a list of the math, statistics and other quantitative courses you’ve taken

3.    Read about the application process to the Graduate School at the George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences, TAU 

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